Baseball Has Arrived!

The start of a new season always seems to bring out the kid in us. It takes us back to the days of sandlot baseball, a day at the ballpark with Dad and Mom, hot dogs, sunshine and the timelessness of the game itself. As the years have gone by I have grown to be more of a baseball fan than a football fan. Growing up in West Texas, we had two seasons. There was Fall football and Spring football. That got everyone ready for next year.

The last few years of NFL football have left me a bit empty, between the controversies of the National Anthem, concussions, domestic violence and the non-call in the Saints game this last year, I’ve taken to baseball more than ever. In any case I’m glad to see a new Rockies season.

I’m making changes to the website which isn’t quite ready for launch on facebook and twitter but it’s getting there. So if you see this you are getting a bit of a sneak peek. See ya soon!


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