Want me to turn you, your family or your pets into a fun and memorable one-of-a-kind cartoon for your wall or Man Cave? Or how about a customized holiday card? I can do it! These are perfect for all occasions whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays, Bah Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduations, Retirements, Overall Achievements or Successes! You know someone who ran a marathon, finally cleaned out the garage or something, right? Take a look at the samples and read more about how to get yours NOW!


For years, I’ve taken on a few personal commissions between my usual workload and deadlines. I’ve decided it’s time to offer commissions as part of my expanding offerings. Here are a few parameters and what to expect during the process of having me create something special for you.

  • Your commission request will be slotted into my schedule, just as I do my daily deadline requirements. Sometimes my schedule gets crazy and there are busier times of the year.  It’s important to let you know you that you will be treated like any of my other clients.  I will get your commission completed in an agreed upon timeframe. The holidays get booked early, so please take that into consideration.
  • The commissions I am offering are not just simple, quick-draw caricatures and sketches, like the ones you might have seen me do on 9News. Those are often drawn in minutes. Depending on the complexity of your commissioned cartoon, it can take me hours or an entire day or two of Studio time. Please take that into consideration as we discuss pricing.

That said, here’s what I offer for commissions:

APPROVAL PROCESS: These are caricatures, not portraits. While I am not a ‘mean guy’ caricaturist, please remember that I am a cartoonist. If you want a realistic portrait I’m probably not your guy. The photo reference you provide me is extremely important. What you provide is the likeness you will get. It doesn’t help me if you have one photo of someone from 1970 and one from 1990 and one from today. The newest most accurate photo helps to make the image a lot more fun.

  • You commission me to do a caricature of a subject. You send me a photo(s) of the subject and 50% of our agreed upon price upfront, which is non-refundable.
  • I draw the initial “pencil” sketch based on the photos you provide and the motif you want. I draw digitally on a Cintiq tablet, so it isn’t pen and paper and an “original” isn’t part of this process. The cool part is you will get a digital print (or prints) once we are done. Multiple caricatures are reflected in the pricing:  The more caricatures, the higher the price.  I will then e-mail you the blue pencil sketch.
    • You Review the sketch & I’ll make a few agreed upon tweaks to the initial sketch. Beyond that, multiple revisions are reflected in the price, starting at $50 per hour. 
    • You Approve the sketch. Once you give me the “Final Go-Ahead” via email, you then send the balance of payment and I will complete your drawing in final form & email to you.
    • If you Reject the sketch– I send you the original sketch (if you want it) and we agree to end the commission there and then.

If you don’t like the sketch, fair enough, but the commission process ends there and your deposit covers my time and efforts on the work up to that point. I will make initial tweaks, based on your direction, to the pose or any action/accessories that doesn’t have anything to do with the likeness or caricature. Additional tweaks are done at $50 an hour and can add up quickly.  It’s best to make adjustments the first time. I have other commitments which makes it impossible to take weeks on the same project.

PAYMENT: Any level of commission requires a non-refundable payment of 50% of the agreed upon price upfront. The remaining 50% is payable upon approval of the pencil sketch and my proceeding to final art. Once the sketch is approved and final art commences, the payment of the balance is also non-refundable and your original print is yours to own. Multiple prints are available (Print cost + Shipping).  All sales are final.

PHOTO REFERENCE: I will do a caricature of anyone you commission. All I need are a couple of decent pictures of that subject. The quality of the photo reference makes a great deal of difference in how well the final art turns out. Photos that do not show the face clearly, are too small, too blurry, show them at an angle or with an expression or look that is not what you want the drawing of them to depict (like with an old hairstyle, with glasses they no longer wear, etc) – will prevent me from being able to capture them properly in caricature. 

I can use several pictures that show me different elements you want to combine to create the subject as you want them to look in the drawing, but I am at the mercy of the photos I am given. Pictures that are recent, of good quality, and preferably show me expressions you consider to be indicative of the subject – Work Best. Multiple angles of the face are also very helpful. Candid snapshots are often the best. I also have a policy of keeping the content “clean” and PG rated. So if you want nudes or some kind of profanity laden caption, I’m probably not your guy.

I am truly Excited to offer my services for these “Custom creations”.  

By e-mail: or by phone 303-912-9265