Collision Course


A brief creative note: I have had a fair amount of people comment on the color scheme of this cartoon given the fact the Broncos will be wearing all white and the Panthers all black uniforms. I drew this before that announcement and have decided not to change the scheme mostly because it’s problematic. An all Black Carolina uniform wouldn’t work with the black panther and the Broncos needed some kind of color to pop the horse forward in the drawing. I could redraw the whole thing using Cam Newton instead the Panther and Von Miller instead of the Bronco but, I have other deadlines and drawings to do. So here it is. And now you know the rest of the story.


5 Thoughts to “Collision Course”

  1. Meaghan

    Fair ’nuff

  2. Sherri

    In the scheme of cartoon, there is much to be concerned with, so little appreciation of what goes into the details. In the scheme of life, there is so much to be concerned with, so little need for criticism of the details in cartoons.

  3. Stephan

    I made your “Von Miller Two Step” from 2012 my profile page banner on Facebook. It seems to fit the occasion just as well. Good work as always, can’t wait for the game!

  4. Wm

    It seems that Carolina plays a number of their home games in their white uniforms, so this works for me. Also, it looks much better with the mascots, more ‘toony’. If your were to update any of the color, I would suggest making the 50 a yellow/gold since that is what has been done this season.

  5. Paul

    Thanks for all of the years of Bronco cartoons Drew- Colorado native, Bronco nut, and Lifelong Toons fan-

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