Delay of Game

I’m not doing Fantasy Football this year. Too many things going on in my world. But ’tis the season and I know tons of you are holding drafts and buying magazines and pouring over stats. Hope you have fun with it. This is a cartoon that I did for Universal Press syndicate. Hope you enjoy.


5 Thoughts to “Delay of Game”

  1. gene

    good morning from Omaha,

    never really understood the fantasy football thing and never got into it at all. OUr son, the science teacher and football coach is all over it but I haven’t heard about this years drafts or such. Its all in fun and just an added value to the watching of football. we used to do weekly office picks in both college and pro but I guess thats gone the way of the typewriter.

    Strive for excellence, nothing but your best.


  2. Sherri

    I’m with Gene on this one. But I like the cartoon, Drew. How you get the perfect looks on the faces of the characters is amazing.

  3. Felicia

    I’m going to say “Me, too” with regards to Gene’s and Sherri’s comments. I just don’t get fantasy football at all. But this cartoon is great!

  4. Badger

    Love Fantasy Ball – started a league back high school in 1990 – before it was cool – and dominated with Barry Sanders.

    The real winner isn’t the person who picks the best players, but rather the one who comes up with the most inappropriate name for their team. As for this year, I don’t think I’ll pick Peyton Manning to join the Brett Favre [EDITED]ers.

  5. Badger

    The appeal of Fantasy football is multifold: First, It gives you a rooting interest in almost every game (although gambling does as well, that can run you hundreds a week if you don’t make good picks – Fantasy ball is just $20-$50 at the start of the season). You may not care about the Lions-Vikings game as a Broncos fan, but if you have Adrian Peterson on your team, you have a reason to watch.

    Secondly, It gives fans the chance to test their instincts and theories about what players are best at their positions – I remember one league were another teacher felt triumphant about discovering that Ben Roethelisberger was having a huge year as her starter. And, much like my playing of Madden all these years, it does make you a much more knowledgable fan.

    Third, there’s not much rivalry between fans in the same town, outside of New York or the Bay Area (For instance, if you work in Chicago, the whole office/station/kitchen is populated with Bears fans). Fantasy ball brings a little rivalry into a fan base. That call from you buddy on Sunday afternoon isn’t to share grief over another Cutler INT; it’s to rip you because Roddy White has scored again for both the Falcons and his fantasy team.

    Fourth, Fantasy football gives us an element of control in something that a lot of us feel strongly about but are powerless to affect. Win or lose, you made decisions that had a hand in decidding it, however meaningless it was in the larger scheme of things. And you probably did a better job of it than Dan Snyder.

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