Peyton Manning’s Ducks in a Row


Ducks. Peyton Manning throws Ducks. Lots and lots of Ducks. And a whole lot of ’em for Touchdowns. Someday Richard Sherman will learn to just shut up, Regardless of the outcome, he’s been nothing but a putz. Anyway Duck and Cover!

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5 Thoughts to “Peyton Manning’s Ducks in a Row”

  1. good ol' george

    You still mad, bro? Sherman apologized. That wasn’t enough?

  2. nfc rules

    this is reason you WAIT until after the game to post something like this…just terrible

  3. AzureMatty

    Quack, quack, quack,

    The Donkeys cried all the way home.


    Mile High Seahawk

  4. Brad Kaye

    Could we get a skeleton wearing a #18 jersey being pecked at by Seahawks? That would be an amazing, and fitting, tribute to the way the game went down.

  5. gene

    Good Morning from Omaha,

    This cartoon was created in the middle of super bowl week but came to be prophetic. Manning and in turn the Bronco’s had a bad game. Its like Peyton turned into one of those Dorian Grey paintings and aged before our eyes.

    Seattle put a saddle on the Bronco’s and broke them into a trained circus pony where you snap the whip and it does a trick. It was a hard game to watch, and while I am not a Seahawk fan, we have seen the future of the NFL and right now it resides in Seattle.

    Strive for excellence, nothing but your best.


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