Peyton Manning’s Last Dance


When you look up the word class in the dictionary, Peyton Manning’s picture is next to it. It is the end of an era in the NFL and for the Denver Broncos. It has been a long time since someone has left a more indelible imprint on the game of football. Words can’t express how thankful I am to have been able to draw cartoons about two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. So instead I’ll just let this image show my feelings. Peyton, you will be missed.

Happy Retirement!


6 Thoughts to “Peyton Manning’s Last Dance”

  1. Sherri

    So poignant. What a professional. I say stop the investigations, let him go out like this, let us remember him like this. He deserves that and so do we as fans.

  2. John

    Well said, Sherri. Thanks.

    And Thank You, Peyton!

  3. Dave Henson

    Great draw!! Without question, Peyton Manning has added another level to the Denver Broncos if only we can add someone as quarterback who demonstrates the same desires as Peyton. Lets move on but if that retirement speech didn’t leave you with a “tear”-you aren’t a true fan of NFL “Class” and desire to be excellent….not perfect but excellent!

    You Go Peyton!! Enjoy your family.

    Thank You!!


  4. Mike Priolo

    Wonderful cartoon, Mr. Litton!

    It fills me with such a bittersweet feeling; (this may be obvious, but I find it poignant that in the drawing Mr. Manning is not riding the Bronco into the sunset, but has gotten off and is kind of dancing off into the sunset on his own.) A touching and clever tribute to Mr. Manning’s retirement from the Broncos and the NFL; summing up the “scenario” extremely well with Peyton’s career deservedly ending on a high note.

    It’s the stuff of a Hollywood happy ending, possessing all the more emotional power because it’s true.

    Thanks and congratulations from a Broncos fan in Ohio who’s been rooting for this team for some years now…..

  5. Tony

    Can I BUY a print of Peyton Manning’s Last Dance ??? I have watched Peyton since he played at Tennessee and would absolutely love to have a copy of this print !!!

  6. Chris

    @ Tony:

    Me too

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