Battle by the Bay


7 Reasons I think the Broncos will win Super Bowl 50.

1. It’s probably Peyton Manning’s Last Rodeo.

Which means he plays this as if it is the very last time he steps on a football field as a player. Think Elway’s helicopter run in Super Bowl XXXII and you get the picture. Peyton had his best practice of the year on Thursday. He is more focused and capable than he has been all season. Strategy: Involve the Broncos Tight Ends more, and throw to Emmanuel Sanders all day long.

2. Defense. Defense. Defense.

The Broncos Defense is more than capable of stopping the run which is what the Panther like to do. Strategy: Stack the line with 8 or 9 guys, double team TE Greg Olsen and dare Cam Newton to beat you throwing to the other guys which most of us can’t even name.

3. The Power of Three.

This is one I haven’t heard anyone else talk about. Think about it. Manning. Elway. Kubiak. Three offensive geniuses, plotting one great game plan. And here’s the deal. All three have been in Super Bowls. All three know what it takes to overcome all of the distractions that the Super Bowl entails. Strategy: Think Super Bowl XXXIII against the Falcons. Elway and Shanahan on the sidelines looking at polaroids taken during the series before. They spot a weakness in the Falcons secondary and throw long on the next series for a TD. Experience in the big game. It matters.

4. Experience + Changes = Winning

Experience of the environment does have it benefits. And the changes in the Broncos coaching staff from the last time the Broncos played the Super Bowl cannot be overstated. All of them have Super Bowl experience. The difference between the mindset of Gary Kubiak over John Fox is night and day. On Sunday it pays dividends.

5. Special Teams.

In a grading scale devised by the Dallas Morning News the Broncos rank 7th in Special teams. Carolina ranks 30th.

6. Wade Philips.

He has a knack for letting the Big Dogs Hunt. I expect an innovative approach to corraling Cam Newton much the way he did Tom Brady. He has the defensive talent to do a lot of different things. He will come up with something that will confuse and befuddle Newton at a most opportune moment. You can bet your house on it.

7. Motivation of the Intangibles.

Peyton’s Last Game. This One’s For Pat. This one’s for Demarcus Ware. Wade Philips. Gary Kubiak. Von Miller. I could go on and on. But those kinds of motivators are powerful. The Broncos had them in Super Bowl XXXII in their win over the Packers. They have them Sunday for Super Bowl 50.


11 Thoughts to “Battle by the Bay”

  1. Steven Herbeck

    I couldn’t agree more with you Drew …except I would add another 8th reason:

    The Denver Broncos have the best fans in the NFL …hands down, and thumbs up. Broncos Country extends far and wide …we are a powerful country made up of loyal, “never-say-never”, DBF4L, “Miles High Magic beliving fans”who cherish the memories of “the Drive”, the Mile High Salute, the Barrel Man, and so much more. We pay homage to all the greats who ever wore the ‘Orange n Blue’, and especially to the leagues most beloved owner Mr. B.

    Let’s hope that a 9th reason becomes an answer to our prayers …”this is OUR YEAR”.

  2. jr fisco

    Amen Mr. Littleton, amen. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  3. jr fisco

    @ jr fisco:

    *Litton. Stupid auto correct.

  4. Gary T.


    You said the things that make our season, one of destiny. Peyton will make us all proud and he will play great. The D makes it all work.

    GO BRONCOS !!!!!!!!

  5. AnToneB

    Right on Drew!!!!

  6. Stephan

    Let’s go Broncos!!!!! I predict a game for the ages out of Von and D-Ware. I hope Peyton plays somewhere near the level he played against GB.

  7. Grace Joy

    Amen sir! May SUPER BOWL 50, will be the thrill of Victory for the Denver Broncos Country! GO BRONCOS!!!

  8. Ann

    I sure hope you’re right. I love a story book ending. Your reasoning is sound. Let’s hope the Broncs come to play hard.

  9. mick lewis

    Here’s another reason. Cam Newton has mo idea what he’s walking into. The most brilliant minds in the NFL converging on shutting him down. I look for panthers to taste the fury in the mindset of it all; the fans, the team, the momentous energy that will stop Newton like a collision with a fast frieght train. That’s what he’s facing!

  10. wm

    They put the band together again and voila – SB50 victory

  11. Brad Hammond

    After witnessing the game, I would say that Mr. Litton nailed it. I believe every point with the possible exception of Peyton’s play came true, not that Peyton played poorly, the offence did what they needed, not much more, probably Sanders and Anderson and the offensive line were the highlights for that side of the ball. The defense however, was amazing on all but Mr. Talib’s play, his was some good some so frustrating that I thought he changed jerseys for some plays. All in all a Super Bowl and happened to the best organization in the NFL.

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