Dumb and Dumber


Am I the only one growing tired of the stupid things NFL players continue to do on a daily basis. I miss the NFL of of the 70’s. At least we didn’t have to see this level of Dumb and Dumber EVERY SINGLE DAY. And to top it off, Suh’s suspension has been reversed. Talk about dumbest.

I’ll most likely be tinkering on this site once again. I’m not crazy about the look and really need to fine tune the functionality of it as I move into 2015 to broaden my horizons a bit more. I’ll try not to drive you all too crazy with the changes but I do want to settle on something that I feel comfortable with and move on to what I do best, drawing for the site and for other projects in the new year. Thanks in advance for you patience.


2 Thoughts to “Dumb and Dumber”

  1. Reggie Shells

    Same type of things happened in the 70’s but without Internet they were not seen. Players played dirtier than Suh back then but it was legal. I’m not saying what Manziel & Suh did were proper but this is a NFL culture that has always been there. Ask any 70’s quaterback that has gotten slammed by a Defensive Lineman after the play and it was legal.

  2. Sherri

    I like the look of the site.

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