On Wounded Knee

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything in sports quite as heartbreaking as the Derrick Rose injury that occurred late saturday afternoon in the Bulls first playoff game. I did one cartoon for the Chicago Tribune (below) on Saturday evening for their Sunday paper and one for Universal Press Syndicate (above). Comparative studies on the same topic. Which one do you like best?


4 Thoughts to “On Wounded Knee”

  1. Louis

    Dear Drew,

    Of the two cartoons the one of the Bull looking like he’s about to fall in the grave is the better one to me. In some ways it reminds me of the year when the Denver Nuggets lost Dan Issel to injury when they were playing the L.A. Lakers. Both men were the heart of their teams and its difficult to recover after an attack on the heart (I phrased it this way because to me there is nothing funny about saying the word “Heart attack”)

    All the best


  2. gene

    Good Morning from Omaha,

    While they are both very good I am going with Louis’s choice of the hole in the floor. the bulls have played a lot of this past season without Rose and still made the playoffs. Rose has tried to come back from a injuries this season. He missed a lot of games because of his back and ankle. IF the bulls hope to get through the playoffs the rest of the team has to step up. Otherwise the bulls will get home early this year.

    strive for excellence, nothing but your best.


  3. Badger

    That hole in the floor is most telling – it is like the bottom fell out for Chicago.

    Derrick Rose is one of the good guys in the league, too – doubly painful to see him go down, because he’s someone I cheer for as a player and as a person.

    On the plus, side, us Thunder fans have someone like that in Kevin Durant. And boy, are they and the Mavs putting on a show!

  4. Felicia


    I agree with all the guys about the cartoons. A team seeing the floor drop out from under them like that due to an injured player is a visceral experience. And that is what your second cartoon shows.

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