Rockies, Baseball and Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Todays cartoon is courtesy of this months Colorado Rockies Magazine, one of my clients that I draw for monthly during the Summer months. Have a great day.

Grill, Baby, Grill.

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7 Thoughts to “Rockies, Baseball and Father’s Day”

  1. I can’t remember how many times I played catch with my dad, uncle and grandfathers. Then I was able to pass that on to my kids. And now my oldest granddaughter will be attending her first T-Ball camp this coming week with me.

    There’s something magical about playing catch. It’s an exchange of gifts. You give and receive, over and over.

  2. good ol' george

    It doesn’t have to be baseball. It could be football, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf….whatever the sport, it will being fathers closer to their sons and daughters.

  3. gene


    I can remember playing catch with both my daughter and son for hours. and playing football in the back yard her and against him and I was quarterback for both. That is until my wife and neighbor built a berm that became a pitchers mound. THat was soon replaced with all types of plants and threats from my wife about destroying her plants and replacing them.

    We spent hours out playing. As the kids got older and my shoulder started to give out the games of catch got shorter, but we were throwing the ball a lot farther.

    Man was that fun. I hope they pass along those memories to their kids and do the same with them. Good Ol’ george is right.

    strive for excellence, nothing but your best.


  4. As usual good job Drew. I remember those days when my pops would throw the baseball high in the air, could stay out there forever and do that.

    Happy Fathers Day Dad, & All Dads Everywhere!


  5. Sharon H.

    This brings back many memories of family games of baseball in the park across the street from our house, with my Dad right in the middle of it all and my Mom watching from our front porch! What great memories – thanks for bringing them back. I hope you had a Happy Father’s Day, Drew – and Dad, I was thinking of you and said a prayer for you, as you watch down on all of us from your seat behind Home Plate in heaven!

  6. James B

    Love this picture. Although I did not get to do this with my dad, I am always out with my kids playing catch. Is there any way to order a print of this?

  7. Sherri

    Thanks, Drew, for including a daughter. My brothers and I spent hours playing baseball in the field across the street with mom and dad, and many kids in the neighborhood. I have always enjoyed playing catch, except with my husband who is left handed and throws a mean curve unintenally.

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