Bombs Away: For the Fun of it

5 Thoughts to “Bombs Away: For the Fun of it”

  1. Juana from El Paso

    A wonderfully created pantheon of cartoon villains! Boris Badenov’s “nyet” is — how you say? — hilarious. As is, of course, the punny “boomer” headline.

  2. Felicia


    Loved seeing Wile E. Coyote in swim fins! The old “Road Runner” cartoons were among my favorites on Saturday mornings.

  3. Louis

    Dear Drew,

    GREAT CARTOON!!!!! This next comment isn’t meant to be a criticism just a thought. Since you put Boris Badenov in this cartoon he almost looks lost without Natasha LeFemme his sidekick nearby (besides I’d like to see what she looked like in a bikini (one or two piece)

    All the best


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