Uncategorized Lost: At the end of the Bracket.

Lost: At the end of the Bracket.


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4 thoughts on “Lost: At the end of the Bracket.”

  1. I really don’t get the foul thing in basketball, think that is because it moves too fast for me. But it’s hard not to get caught up in March Madness, to root for the “underdogs,” and love the way the game is played in this tournament. The youthful exhuberance, the win at any cost play in especially the final game. What a fun game to watch last night! Thank goodness for Dancing With the Stars, giving me a competition that’s meaningful for the next couple weeks.

  2. GMFO-

    i fell out of the family bracket early. That second weekend killed any chances I had of winning. My brother in bentonville, gets to keep the trophy for one more year, much to my sisters chagrin.

    ME, like the cubs, there is always next year. Maybe then I will watch more college basketball and do better preparation than just watching the bracket show where they announce the teams who get to play. Oh why change now- there is a lot of living to do between now and then and I plan on doing all of it that I can.

    Strive for excellence, nothing but your best.


  3. View From the Peanut Gallery of Today’s View From the Bullpen: The headline and prose are hilarious — even though you took a swipe at “The Big Bang Theory.”

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